LeLuxe makes the fun and luxury of the Jazz Age accessible to the Twenty-first Century.

 Not only faithful reproductions of period designs, but also exclusive designs created in the spirit of the 1920s.

"The Artist" won the Oscar for Best Costume Design, using LeLuxe dresses! Great as wedding dresses too!

 Now also called DecoHaus. Lots more new designs and bigger sizes and sleeves. Just fantastic! NEW STOCK ARRIVED IN TIME FOR ALL THOSE BYE-BYE DOWNTON PARTIES.

bertie-golightly-decohaus-the-corsage-aqua bertie-golightly-decohaus-the-icon-bottle-green bertie-golightly-decohaus-the-lindy-phantom-grey bertie-golightly-decohaus-the-lulu-gold-on-pink
The Corsage
The Icon
Bottle Green
The Lindy
Phantom Grey
The Lulu
Gold on Pink
bertie-golightly-decohaus-the-majesty-palladium bertie-golightly-decohaus-the-original-artist-copper-on-jet bertie-golightly-decohaus-the-pavlova-blush bertie-golightly-decohaus-the-vignette-cobalt
The Majesty
The Original Artist
Copper on Jet
The Pavlova
The Vignette
bertie-golightly-leluxe-the-charleston bertie-golightly-leluxe-diamond-cocktail-mocha bertie-golightly-leluxe-duchess-white bertie-golightly-leluxe-egyptian-turquoise-gold
The Charleston
Diamond Cocktail Mocha
Duchess White
Egyptian Turquoise Gold
bertie-golightly-leluxe-empress-black-silver bertie-golightly-leluxe-millie-burgundy bertie-golightly-leluxe-parisian-gold bertie-golightly-leluxe-ritz-gown-ivory
Empress Black Silver
Millie Burgundy
Parisian Gold
Ritz Gown Ivory
bertie-golightly-leluxe-rosette-black bertie-golightly-leluxe-sunray-black-gold    
Rosette Black
Sunray Black Gold
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